Tired of Google not understanding your brand? Take control with the course they don’t want you to know about.

This 10 day training will get you fully equipped to begin implementing advanced schema on your site.

Learn exactly how to teach Google about your brand!

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Cracking the Schema Code

Here's What To Expect

The training is broken down into 2 modules, dripped out over the next 10 days, designed to move you from an introduction to schema to teaching you to create your own advanced schema buildouts.


Module 1


In this module you begin with an overview of what schema is and how to build JSON-LD schema types.  You then quickly jump in stacking different schema types to mirror your money site and how to inject know google entity information into your schema.

  • Overview

  • Building 

  • Mirroring

  • Stacking

  • Entity Injections

($137 Value)

Module 2

Coding Crash Course

In this module, you learn the basics of schema coding in 30 minutes ... will you become an expert ... NO ... but it is good start!

  • Coding Intro

  • Adding Multiple Property Values

  • Schema Types as Property Values

  • Multiple Schema Types as Property Values

($163 Value)

Additional Bonus

Unmasking Google

In this bonus, we take the mask off of google and go deep to understanding the matrix.

  • Graphical Databasing

  • Nodes, Edges, Properties

  • SEO Shield and Schema Sculpting

  • Leveraging this information

($197 Value)

Learn Schema Today!

Learn exactly how to teach google about your brand!

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